Tuesday Acting Class Dalkeith

Term 3 Dalkeith: 12+yrs 6.00-8.00pm Tuesday 4th September 2018


Term 3: 12yrs+  6.00pm-8.00pm  (2hrs)


£4.00 per hour


Dalkeith Arts Centre

Within Dalkeith Library

2 White Hart St


EH22 1AE


Product Description

Working with experienced tutors, and director’s participants will develop a practical understanding of text and character, basic vocal, movement and acting skills, along with the art of improvisation. The group will devise short pieces of work; in response to a creative stimulus, participate in large group pieces but also in smaller groups. We aim to build upon the individual’s interpersonal, social and performance skills.

Participants’ will also spend time working on specific audition speeches and songs, learning how to approach different texts. During the term young people will also work on monologues where they will explore ways of developing character, motive and compelling performance.Exact content may differ depending on students’ needs..

Our aim is to encourage children to work together in a small and friendly group, developing their confidence, self-expression, communication skills, and imagination. All of these are vital skills they need for the future.






Voice Skills


Theatre Games

Script Work (Set at correct reading levels for the group)

What To Bring/Wear

All students must bring a water bottle and snack: NO NUTS

Comfortable clothing: NO SKIRTS

Secure footwear:         NO CROCS

NOTE: All workshops are led and delivered by experienced theatre professionals with full PVG disclosures.


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