Having fun will always be our primary goal at
The Acting Scene


As   professional  theatre  practitioners   we  aim  to  facilitate  the creative ideas  of  all participating. Sessions will see children of a similar   age   working  together,  having   fun  and   learning   new  skills.

Enthusiastic, approachable, practitioners will  provide  exciting workshops while boosting their confidence and social awareness skills.  So  whether  your  child   is   a natural performer or  simply looking for an enjoyable  way  to improve  their  self-esteem,   the skills  they will learn  at  our workshops  will  stand them in  good stead.

 At   The   Acting  Scene   we  believe  skills  such  as  –  confidence,   self-expression   and creativity – are not just

                                                                    applicable to performance they are… SKILLS FOR LIFE